City Assessor

City Assessor
Tina K. Dimitriadis
Appointment Expires: 9/3/2019 | 518.736.4015




The City Assessor, subject to the direction and supervision of the Mayor, performs all the duties required in relation to the assessment of property in the City. This person shall perform all the duties and possess al the powers and authority as conferred on Assessors by the Real Property Tax Law.

To learn more about the general powers & duties of the City Assessor – view Article 5 in our City Charter.

Key Dates Which Affect the Assessment Process:
Valuation Date January 1st
Taxable Status Date March 1st
Exemption Filing Deadline March 1st
Tentative Roll Filed May 1st
Grievance Day 4th Tuesday in May, 4-8 pm
Final Roll Filed July 1st

Have questions regarding your property assessment?  Contact the City Assessor.