City Development


A Comprehensive Plan identifies the goals, objectives, principles, guidelines, policies, and standards for the immediate and long-term protection, enhancement, growth and development of a city. Below are brief summaries to each chapter of our Comprehensive Plan.

Introduction: Gives background information about how much the city has changed in the last 45 years and a quick synopsis of how the Comprehensive Plan was created and the individuals who contributed to its making.

The Vision: Describes the City’s vision for the future and goals that should be achieved to help us reach that vision.

City Profile: Shows the City’s changing population trends as well as trends in housing and the ages of our residents.

Historic Preservation: Summarizes our rich history and showcases historically significant buildings and sites within the city. Recommendations are given to enhance interest in and utilization of these assets.

Parks, Recreation and Open Space: Gives background information on public interest in parks and open spaces, inventory of existing parks, and recommendations/plans for future parks and recreation hot spots.

Housing: Housing Census Data for the City, a summary of programs that have provided housing assistance and recommendations for the City to potentially expand its housing stock.

Central Business District: Gives background information and boundary points of the Central Business District and also makes recommendation to city officials, residents and business owners on how to creating a vibrant and bustling downtown.

Main Street - view looking East

Central Business District – Main Street looking East

Economy: Discusses various economic, commercial and industrial developments and makes recommendations on how the city can utilize our assets in those specific areas.

Transportation: Summarizes the cities current street assets in terms of local streets, collector streets and arterials and discusses the changing patterns on how residents access certain areas of the city.

Land Use Plan: Represents the cities vision of how it wishes to look in the future. This plan brings together the various components of the Comprehensive Plan.  View it here!

Periodic Review of Comprehensive Plan: Dictates that the Comprehensive Plan is to be reviewed annually by the Planning Board and if updates are necessary make recommendations to the Common Council to do so.

Interested in Developing in our City? We are currently home to TWO Industrial Parks, a growing historic downtown, and a main arterial which houses two main shopping plazas, numerous storefronts and successful businesses.  Below is a list of informational resources to help get you started here in Johnstown:IMG_3682

  • City Owned Property – the City has numerous vacant land and property for sale – Visit the City Owned Property page or contact the City Engineer’s office for more information.
  • Fulton Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce can provide you with information if you are interested in relocating or visiting by assisting you with places to  stay, visit, shop, or dine.  They can also connect you with local real estate agents and other great business related resources in the area.
  • Fulton County Industrial Development Agency can provide you with information on vacant property located within the Industrial Parks in the City of Johnstown.
  • Fulton County Center for Regional Growth can offer information and assistance in expanding, relocating or starting your business here in the City of Johnstown.