Our Vision

Our VisionA look into our future begins with a Comprehensive Plan.  A Comprehensive Plan is a vision of how a community wants to develop.  The Plan is an expression of where a community wants to be in 10, 15, or 20 years.  That vision can be expressed through the establishment of goals.  Goals are intended to help guide day-to-day decision making.  Day-to-day decisions made by City government should be consistent with these goals.  If this occurs, the vision expressed by these goals can be achieved.



Vision Summary

The City of Johnstown should remain a small community featuring a high quality of life, safe neighborhoods with a vibrant community spirit.  Our rich history and heritage must be preserved for future generations to experience and enjoy.  Johnstown should be a community where people feel safe any time of day.  Our community should have a lively, distinguishable downtown or central business district featuring special shops, restaurants, boutiques and other diverse attractions.  Residents of the City should have available housing options to fit a variety of lifestyles as well as a healthy economy affording individuals of all ages an opportunity to earn a living.  Our families and children should have ample opportunities to recreate and enjoy family-oriented activities.  The City’s unique and wonderful natural resources should be protected and preserved.

While the City was officially incorporated in 1895, the area was originally founded almost 250 years ago.  During these past 250 years, the City has been called home to many individuals and businesses.  It is the vision of this Comprehensive Plan to preserve many of the qualities and attributes that have allowed this community to persevere for so many years.  The City of Johnstown represents everything that is good about small town America.  Twenty (20) years from now, it is hoped that the attributes that brought success to this community to date will continue to exist and serve as the cornerstone of an exciting area to live and do business.


  • Preserve the City of Johnstown’s small town quality of life featuring safe residential neighborhoods and a cooperative community spirit.
  • Identify, promote and strengthen the City’s Central Business District to ensure it retains its stature as the center of activity in the City of Johnstown.
  • Develop a new Center City Park as the centerpiece of a comprehensive system of parks, open spaces and trails to meet the community’s diverse recreational needs and protect its natural beauty and resources.
  • Protect, preserve and promote the City’s rich history and heritage.
  • Promote a variety of affordable housing choices to meet the different needs that currently exist and future needs as the community’s population ages.
  • Diversify and strengthen the City’s economy by attracting new, clean businesses to the City and providing a healthy business climate to encourage existing businesses to grow and expand.

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