Water Department

The City of Johnstown Water Department maintains all water infrastructures within the city limits.

  • For questions related to current service please contact the Water Department.
  • For new connections please contact the Code Enforcement Office to start the process with the appropriate building permit.

The Water Department’s primary mission is to plan for, operate, and maintain both the infrastructure and the organization necessary to offer high quality drinking water in conjunction with providing an adequate and reliable water supply for all household, commercial, and community needs.

Whether we are providing safe water for residents to drink, supplying water for industries to manufacture goods here in the City, or protecting the region’s water resources, serving our customers with quality has been a commitment of the Johnstown Water Department throughout our history.

The Water Department holds monthly meetings at 27 E. Main Street, the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. Please click on the following link to view meeting details of the Water Board

City of Johnstown Water Quality reports:

2012 – Annual Drinking Water Quality Report
2013 – Annual Drinking Water Quality Report
2014 – 2014 Water Quality Report   –   *Correction to the 2014 Water Quality Report  Facts and Figures – In
2014 our average daily demand was 1,837,816 gallons of water. Our highest single daily demand was
2,178,000 gallons.
2015 – 2015 Water Quality Report
2016 – 2016 Water Quality Report